Calling Dr. De Los Santos or other providers at the clinic:

You should always feel free to call Dr. De Los Santos during his
office hours, which are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM - and at any
time for an emergency!  Other providers are available from 9:30
AM to 6:30 PM, but not for emergency room services, only for
medical/clinical services.

Use the following lists as a guide, but remember: when it comes
to your child, the doctor, or Physician Assistant is always in.

Keep small children away from hot stoves, heaters, and
uncovered water, such as in bath tubs and around swimming
pools!  Make sure to securely latch all cabinets.

Keep all infants and children up to date on their vaccinations.  
There are new multiple combination vaccinations available that
will save both you and your child from undue pain when receiving
frequent and multiple separate vaccinations, so ask your nurse
for information on the new combined vaccines.

Clean and treat small cuts and abrasions immediately so that
infection will not set in.

Keep pets away from dining areas and children's quarters.

Remember to make and keep annual well preventative care
doctor's appointments for all of your children.

Always try to make a previous appointment as failing to do so will
cause long and unnecessary waits.  Documentation and
evaluation of management on patient care government
guidelines require a lot of paper work.  Arrive early, at least 30
minutes before your appointment, or request your paperwork
forms for your visit ahead of the appointment in order to shorten
your waiting time!

Make time for your children.  Dinner eaten together as a family
provides loving attention to all of your children.  They have
problems, too and would like to talk about them with you. Bedtime
stories are a wonderful way to cap the day off with your child.

Remember, every child is different and has different needs.  Pay
attention to the small things, as well as the large ones.
Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic
Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic

The information on this Web site
should not be used as a substitute
for the medical care and advice of
your pediatrician.  If you have
specific questions, please contact