Lab Analysis
Medical Advice

At Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic we understand that your
child's health needs do not always fit into our office hours.  Thanks
to the extended office hours we offer until 7:00 pm, we are able to
treat very minor emergencies such as skinned knees, bumps, most
abrasions and cuts, as well as fever and flu.

And, thanks to our partnership with the Ft. Duncan Medical Center,
we are available  for urgent care 24 hours a day.

We are also fortunate to have coverage agreements with other
area pediatricians that are also affiliated with the Ft. Duncan
Medical Center in offering extended coverage when Dr. De Los
Santos is not available.  At such times, the pediatrician on call for
the week that Dr. De Los Santos is out will offer 24 hour emergency
care to all of our patients. Patients may contact the clinic for the
on-call beeper number in order to reach a licensed professional for
after hour triage services.

Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic has very strong
alliances in Eagle Pass:

Fort Duncan Medical Center
Texas Medical Association
Maverick County Medical Association
National Rural Health Association
Texas Rural Health Association
Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic
Eagle Pass Pediatric Health Clinic
As stated in our mission statement, Dr. De
Los Santos offers the fullest spectrum of
medical care available to this community.

Some of the laboratory services available
on site are:

Chemistry analysis
Hematology analysis

There are many more services that assist
Dr. De Los Santos and his health
providers in offering complete and
accurate diagnostic care.